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  • Dr. Susan Rose

Day 2

You planned to go fishing with your Dad in the morning of this day. Since it was so late when you got home, from our first date, you decided to just stay up. You were worried you’d oversleep your 4:00 a.m. time that you had set with your Dad. You often talked about your fishing trips with your Dad. They were a bonding time for you all as your childhood with him was not ideal. After your fishing trip, you slept to catch up from the night before.

When you woke up, you called me to ask for a second date – the first, only, and last time you officially asked me for a date. I always thought that was a special part of our relationship. It spoke to the “love at first sight” that our love story is. We spoke of that often over the years and both agreed that we didn’t truly believe in love at first sight, but we somehow knew from almost the very beginning that were destined to be.

You picked me up at 6:00 just as you had the night before. That I don't remember for sure, but we often tried to recall what we actually did or where we went. We decided that we probably went out to eat, but that wasn’t the important thing about the night. The important thing is that we became a couple that night. We agreed that you would pick me up in the morning so that we could spend as much time together as possible as you were going back to the ship on Monday. That meant that you’d have to leave on Sunday.

After this date, we were pretty much inseparable. We spent as much together as we possibly could.

Later, in one of your letters, you ask me when I knew that I loved you and said that it was during this date that you knew you loved me. I agreed that it was during this date that I knew as well.

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