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  • Dr. Susan Rose

Meeting the Parents

I realize now that I don’t remember the first time I met your family, but it was sometime between Day 2 and the proposal. We just went into your house like I had always been a part of you. It wasn’t a grand “Meet the parents” or “Meet the family”. By Thursday, June 17, morning, we had “sealed the deal” in our minds and rather thought others felt the same. And, sadly, they are no longer here to ask. You lost your Dad when you were young (31) much like our children did, and your mom followed in 2012 when you were 50.

My parents had already met you the first night. Mother says she remembers the night in detail. As I wrote earlier that Mom followed Km in answering the door, she remembers that she was sitting on the couch in the living room when you came to the door like a gentleman. (Some guys had taken to pulling up to the house and honking as women were hollering for liberation at the time. – But, that’s another story. We thought that was disrespectful.) She got up from the couch and thought you were quite handsome with those broad shoulders and beautiful eyes. I had forgotten, but she reminded me that Dad came out from either the bedroom or bathroom, as he was in that hall, and met you as well. So, you met them before you met me.

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