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Rocky III

We were a bit late for the showing we had planned to see. I always thought it sweet of you that you didn’t say anything about me running late. The next showing didn’t begin for a couple hours. Jim and his girlfriend decided to go off shopping on their own and meet us at the theatre when the movie started. So, we began walking around the mall. You noticed a Putt-Putt golf place in the mall and suggested we play.

As we were golfing, you noticed that my jeans had my name as if I was the designer on the my back pocket and commented on it. I thought it pretty brazen of you to admit right out that you were staring at my butt, but I was actually flattered. I explained that I thought it was silly for people to be wearing other people’s names and paying extra for it at that, so I had my own name sewn in. You thought that was hilarious at the time and continued to. This was one of your favorite stories through the years.

After we finished Putt-Putt, there was still time before the movies. We went to Baskin Robbins. I ordered a Diet Coke and you got a double dip cone – Rocky Road and Pralines and Cream, which I would learn later was your favorite. You told me that you were on a diet about a year ago and lost 100 pounds. When we finished our ice cream and coke, we headed back to the theatre.

In the movies, you selected a row about half-way down and allowed Jim and Carla and me to go in first. So, that was how were seated with you to my right. At the fight scene, I whispered that Rocky won and explained that my little brother had already seen the movie. At the romantic scene with Adrian, you leaned down and kissed me – our first kiss.

After the movies, we dropped Jim and his girlfriend off at her house then you drove me home. You walked me to the door, and I invited you in. We had gone to the 9:00 move, so it was almost midnight by now. We sat on the couch in my parent’s living room and talked (and kissed) for almost two hours. It was close to 2:00 a.m. when you went back to get Jim. He was sitting outside, because it was long past curfew. He was not happy. (Reminds me of the Snow White dwarf joke that you loved to tell.)

And, that was the beginning.

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