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  • Dr. Susan Rose

1999-2000: The First Broken Bone

School and Sports

David continued football at Christian Academy with you as assistant coach on the sidelines. I was always proud that you coached each of their teams in some capacity. This year was more adventurous though, as he obtained his first broken bone during a game. You both loved to tell the story of how he played with a broken arm. After the play, he came over the sidelines to tell you and the coach that he thought something was wrong with his arm. You encouraged him to go back out there, that he was fine, so he did. Then, when the game was over, the EMT, who are always there at all school games, took a look at it and said he needed to go to ER. Indeed, it was broken.

I finally graduated with my Masters in School Counseling in December of 2000.


You and David went to the Conference USA tournament in Memphis in Spring 2000. You went to all the games and toured the city in between games. You even found go-carts and a game room.

We all went back to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break. We had enjoyed it so much last year and still had things to see. We spent five days this time, taking in all the patriotic cities. We toured Historic Williamsburg and and even had dinner at Shield's Tavern, where the food was authentic from the period and "Mr. Shield's" told us all about his time while we ate. We toured Jamestown and Yorktown settlements again, and also toured the actual battle sites in Yorktown. We went on a "Ghost Tour", which was a night-time tour of Historic Williamsburg complete with myths and stories of the town. Then, we decided we had learned enough. So, we traveled to Gatlinburg to break the trip up and spend the last three days of our trip there.

David's 13th birthday was spend at Kentucky Kingdom and a Riverbats game with six of his friends. We did Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday, June 3, then went home for a sleep-over. On June 4, you all slept in and played until it was time to go to the 6:00 game. It was a wonderful, tiring two-day party.

The kids spent a week in Ashland during Summer 2000 to give us some time to ourselves. They spent the days with Granny, Grampsy, and Jason and the nights at Nana and Grand-Dad's house. We have always appreciated that they had memories with Granny and Grampsy, and now you are with them.

We went to the Cincinnati Zoo over Labor Day weekend

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