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  • Dr. Susan Rose

1997 -1998: Chaotic Years

These were the chaotic years of raising children, working, going to school, etc. Yet, they were the fun years. It is so true that these years fly by.

You continued in IT at LG&E; I continued to teach; and the kids continued in school. Life went on its daily pace.


David was 10 and Lauren 8 in 1997. They attended Hite Elementary for 3rd and 5th grades, then moved to Christian Academy of Louisville for 4th and 6th in the Fall of 1997. We didn’t want David to go to our local public middle school as I was working in Jefferson County and knew too many negative factors of that school. We also decided that I would follow them to Christian Academy as the school I was in was quite stressful as well. (Although it was quite a cut in pay to go from public to private, we got a break in tuition and you wanted me to be happy in my job.) You were always so protective of me! You truly believed that it was your job as my husband to take care of me.

David began football in his 6th grade year. Of course, you were one of the assistant coaches as you always coached his teams. I am so proud that you were such a hands-on Dad.


We went to King's Island with the Rardons (Nana, Grand-Dad, Jason, and Rachel) over the Summer as we did many summers.


The biggest event that happened during this time was in the church. (I’ll leave out the name of the church here, because the story is not positive.) You were a deacon and led the Royal Ambassadors (RA’s), the elementary boy’s group, while I sang in the choir and led the Girls in Action (GA’s), the elementary girl’s group. We were quite active in this church, so this was quite a loss for us when we felt forced to leave it due to the “calling” of a minister that we just couldn’t ethically support. Because this was the one regret in life that you mentioned as you were declining in health, I’ve mentioned it here. We never really found a church family, where we felt that we fit in as much as this church.

Yet, you were and continue to be the Spiritual leader of our family. You were such a Godly man. I know I’ll see you again. I have no doubt that you are walking the streets with Jesus as I write this.

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