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  • Dr. Susan Rose

2001: Moving Into Management

This is the year that you went into Management at LG&E, as you had just completed your MBA in 2000. You were promoted from Corporate Computing Center Supervisor in the Information Technology (IT) department to Manager of Information Technology, Energy Delivery &

Asset Information Distribution Operations. I was so proud of you, but you were gracious and gave me credit for encouraging you to apply. You thought it was a long shot, but I had full confidence in you. And, it paid off. 2001 began your 16th year LG&E. You would be in management for the next 19.


We went to Gatlinburg over Lauren's birthday this year. The city was all dolled up and decorated for Valentine's Day. We did the normal things - shopping, walking around the town, and playing at Fannie Farkles.

You and David attended the Conference USA Tournament in March, as you did most years. This year, it was in Louisville.

You chaperoned David on this 8th grade trip to Washington, DC in Spring 2001.

We accompanied you on a business trip the week of June 29-July 6, 2001. You had a seminar on July 2 &3, so you added the holiday on July 4 and vacation on the 5th and 6th to make it a week vacation for the family. You always thought of us first! We traveled down on the 29th and 30th, then went to Universal Studios on Sunday, the 1st. On Monday, you had your class, so we went to MGM Studios. We bought you a "trophy" of Mickey that said, "Best Father" as a Thank You for taking us to Orlando with you. On Tuesday, we got to stay at the resort, Hyatt Regency Cypress Gardens, as you were in the seminar. It was this fancy hotel with talking bird, a huge pool, and a lot of other things too numerous to mention. We took this day to enjoy it and relax. On Wednesday, the 4th, we went to Sea World. We spent Thursday morning on St. Augustine beach, then we drove home.


David began high school at Duponte Manual. He had grown tired of what he saw as "fake" at Christian Academy and asked if he could apply to Manual. I had worked in Jefferson County schools and knew the acceptance rate for this application only school to be about 6%. We felt pretty comfortable allowing him to apply, expecting that we would stay at Christian Academy. Well, God had other plans. Our wonderful son took after you with communication skills and got into the Communication magnet program.

Because he was leaving Christian Academy, Lauren wanted to as well. So, we applied to the tradition only program at Barrett Middle School, realizing it was less competitive at the seventh grade year due to students being asked to leave from the sixth grade class. God smiled on this as well, and she was accepted.

Now that both children were no longer going to be at Christian Academy, you encouraged me to put my Masters in School Counseling that I had just finished in December 2000 to work. I applied and was hired as the elementary school counselor for both schools in Trimble County - Bedford and Milton. I worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Bedford and Tuesday and Thursdays at Milton.

You were always so supportive of our many new endeavors. It seemed your reason for living was to make us happy.

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