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  • Dr. Susan Rose

1992: College Graduate


I graduated in May of this year with my Bachelors in Middle School English and Math. Now, it was your turn. You began your undergraduate in Business at Spalding University.

David turned five, and began kindergarten at Fern Creek Elementary. So, Lauren, although she was three and I had chosen to substitute this year in order to be home for her, decided that she should go to school as well. So, she went to half-day preschool at our church, Jeffersontown Christian Church.

Since both children were in school, I went back for my Masters as well. So, this year was the school year. You were in undergraduate, I was in graduate, and the kids were in kindergarten and preschool.


David began ball this year in T-ball. Of course, you were his coach. I was always so proud that you stepped up to coach him in every season of baseball and many seasons of basketball. In football, you were assistant coach, as it was a school league. You were leading him all the way.

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