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  • Dr. Susan Rose

1993 – 1994: The Difficult Years

These were the most difficult years of our marriage, yet they were blessed because they made us stronger and brought us closer together.

I had just graduated and was trying to obtain a teaching position with limited results, and you went back to a regular day schedule once the children went to school. These two major changes, along with the hectic schedule of elementary children, caused us to take out our frustrations on one another. Still, you fought for our marriage like no other. You remembered and reminded me to look back to the time when we fell in love. Those were such cherished memories! And, then we fondly remembered becoming parents together – with both bundles of joy. We simply didn’t want to give up on the love story and the memories we shared. So, we struggled through. I am so happy that we did, because you are truly my soulmate. I could love no other!


David completed first grade in '93 and went into second grade in '94 at Fern Creek Elementary. Lauren went to 4-year-old pre-school at Jeffersontown Christian Church in '93. Because she was four, she went three days a week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Then, in '94, she joined her brother at Fern Creek Elementary for Kindergarten.


David moved to Coach pitch baseball in first grade. Of course, you were his coach.

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