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  • Dr. Susan Rose

Leaving the Ship

During the next six weeks (September 6 – October 11, 1982), you were training others on the ship as you were changing stations from the USS Saipan to the Naval Annex/Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. October 11 was your last day on the ship.

I was taking classes at Ashland Community College (ACC) and began a job at Balloon World, where I would dress as a clown most of the time but sometimes a character like Yoda and deliver balloons.

In your September 30 letter, you wrote, “I have a question. When did you decide you were in love with me? I fell in love with you after or during our second date.” We talked about how natural our love story began a lot over the years, but it was so sweet to read it again in your handwriting. I remember you told me you love me for the first time during that date, and I responded that I loved you, too. So, it was during that second date for both of us.

The letters tell a much more detailed story, so I won’t reiterate it here. I remember that time so vividly in our lives. Fall in love for the first time is so sweet!!! And, we were lucky enough that we were each other’s first and only love!


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