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  • Dr. Susan Rose

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose

After the pictures, the music began at 6:00. This was the early ’80s when the tradition was that you couldn’t wear tuxes, especially a tux with tails until after 6:00. Hence, that was the start time for the wedding. It was also supposed to be good luck to marry on the up-sweep of the clock. So, the service began at 6:30.

It was not your typical 15 minute Protestant service. You thought it hilarious that our wedding lasted almost an hour. But, this was my moment to shine, and I made every moment count. The actual details are in the wedding albums, so I won’t reiterate them here. Yet, one thing that I always thought was sweet is that you leaned in and asked if you could kiss me during the prayer after the Lord’s supper. We were kneeling on the prayer benches facing one another. I whispered, “Later.” But, I always appreciated that you loved me so much.

Today, as I write this, I wear a bracelet that says just that – “I love her so much” in your handwriting. The kids read this in your Papa book as you described meeting their grandmother, and Lauren had it made for me for Christmas. I wear it each day along with our wedding ring to remind me that I’ll always be Mrs. Robert E. Rose. I love you forever and ever!!

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