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Cake, Flowers, Oh My

Next was flowers. Granny and I went to a large artificial floral shop and had fun selecting samples. We then narrowed these down with input from anyone who would listen. Then, Mom and I went back to order them. They were pink and red/burgundy roses with lily of the valley for fill-in as Susan means lily, as I was so fascinated with my new last name. Because we had a real floral bouquet to throw at the wedding, I was able to keep my bouquet. It lasted until the foam disintegrated and it fell apart – about four to five years after we moved into this house. So, it survived 17-18 years – pretty good. 🙂

The next big decision was the cake. I wanted the fanciest one I could fine. We found it at the bakery inside the local grocery on US 60. After 37 years, it has gone out of business, but I remember that it was Wilkes. I loved the cake. It was four layers, separated by columns (so ’80s) with a fountain below, so it was quite tall. Since this “Bride’s” cake was traditional white cake, we had to have a chocolate Groom’s cake as well. It wasn’t quite as over the top, per your request, but was quite beautiful nonetheless.

The last choice was the photographer, and the wedding was planned. We selected a photographer located up the hill from ACC on US 60 that has, of course, gone out of business.

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