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2004: Going on a Cruise


Our Summer trip this year was aboard Carnival Cruise Line's M.S. Inspiration. We drove down to Tampa, Florida, on Friday and Saturday, so that we could board early Sunday morning, July 25th. We had our own state room, while David and Lauren had another with a door adjoining the two. The cruise began with an emergency drill, which - as always - you made fun even though most thought of it as mundane. We toured, swam, shopped and generally familiarized ourselves with the ship on Sunday and Monday as they were Days at Sea. Lauren and I had made a big deal out of buying fancy (what looks like prom dresses in the pictures now) for formal night on Monday. The porters made towel "sculptures" as they cleaned our room about three times a day. It seemed we couldn't leave the room without it being cleaned.

On Tuesday, we ported in Grand Cayman, where we took a tender over to the Island. We arrived in a city literally called Hell. We were sure it was named that because of the temperatures. It was hot!!! We visited a turtle farm, ate at a local place called Pirate Grotto, and toured the island. We woke up Wednesday in Costa Maya. After we toured the island, we returned to the ship and attended our first Park West Auction. You enjoyed the show an allowed David to buy six animated art cells, which are still hanging in his room and the music room downstairs today as I write this. Thursday took us to Belize. We toured the ancient ruins, where it was again very hot. You and David climbed to the top of the ruins, over at least 50 stairs. Lauren and I took pictures from the bottom. On Friday, we were in Cozumel, Mexico. We rented a car and drove around the island, stopping to relax on the beach and eat Hard Rock Cafe and shop. Saturday was a day at Sea again, and then we arrived back in Tampa where we debarked on Sunday. We stopped in Gatlinburg on our way home.


David began his senior year of high school this year. Time flies!! Lauren was a junior. She met Tony on October 31 of this year at a Halloween party. We later learned that he threw the party just to meet Lauren and thought that was terribly romantic. You were always more romantic than I.

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