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  • Dr. Susan Rose

2003: East to California


This year, we went to California for Summer vacation. We started out on Wednesday, July 9 and met up with the Jim Roses (Jim, Tracey, Keegan and Grae) at Universal Studios Hollywood on Thursday, July 10. On Friday, we took a Starline tour of star's homes and had dinner at Tony Roma with the Jim Roses. On Saturday, we toured the Hollywood Entertainment Museum and the Kodak Theatre. On Sunday, we went to Knott's Berry Farm and hung out with the Peanuts gang. On Monday, we went to Sea World San Diego. On Tuesday, we went to the beach in San Diego. So, now we've swam in the Pacific in San Diego, the Atlanta in St. Augustine, and the Gulf of Mexico in Madiera Beach.

We went to the San Diego Zoo on Wednesday. On Thursday, we toured NBC and Warner Bros Studios and had dinner at Dave & Busters. We went to Disneyland on Friday and Disney's California Adventure on Saturday. On Sunday, we wento to Six Flags Magic Mountain. On Monday, July 21, you and I went to Price Is Right, while David and Lauren went to see Legally Blonde 2 & How to Deal at the mall. They took in some shopping at the mall. Then, we joined them for dinner at Dave & Busters. On Tuesday, you and Lauren shopped and ate at a fancy fish restaurant, while Dave and I went to a taping of the Tonight show with Jay Leno. We traveled home on Wednesday, July 23.

The travel home was quite a story. Our tickets were July 23, 1:00 AM, but I was used to our Louisville airport that didn't have overnight flights so I didn't know that was a thing. We showed up at 1:00 PM and had missed our flight. I had just moved back to Jefferson County and had a PD session the next day, so I had to be back, but they could only give us one seat. You, being your wonderful self, put me on that flight. Then, you got the car back out of rental and took the kids around the city until your flight in the mid-morning. That became a family story.


David was a Sophomore and Junior at DuPonte Manual during this year, while Lauren began high school at Male. We had fun with them being at competing high schools, but they were different personalities so these were good fits for them.

I was still working on that Doctorate. You joked that I would be a student forever.

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