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  • Dr. Susan Rose

1988: Rose, Party of 3

This was the only full year when we were a party of three. You were still working nights, and David was an “easy” baby. So, I remember many nights when you would come home at 3:00 am, and we would go out to eat breakfast at Denny’s, IHOP, etc. You embraced being a father and loved it.

We planned David’s first birthday party in Ashland’s Central Park, so that grandparents and family wouldn’t have to travel. It was a festive occasion, but you made even the mundane festive. At the party, your mother asked if I was pregnant, and I was quite offended. Yet, she was right, I was very newly pregnant with Lauren, which we would discover in the next month. We had such a rough time getting pregnant with David, and we wanted to children to be close together in age. So, we allowed things to happen in God’s timing after David was born. We were thrilled that the children were going to be twenty months apart.

We moved David over into the room next door to the nursery to give him a “big boy” room, and kept the nursery as it was with David, because the Doctors told us that this baby was a boy as well. (We’ll learn they were wrong in 1989.)

The rest of the year was spent getting ready for the newest bundle, enjoying playing with David, working, and the normal goings on of life.

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