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2013: Grandparents x 2

The biggest thing that happened this year was Noah's entrance into our family. Lauren and Tony told us early in the year that Olivia was going to be a big sister in late September. You were just as excited and wanted again to see whether it was a boy or girl early. Lauren allowed us all again to join the ultrasound to find out. We were thrilled that it was a boy, because that would give Lauren and Tony one of each just as we had. You loved shopping to this new little one just as much as you did with the first!

We went with Lauren and Tony to select the furniture, where you insisted on buying it for them. Generosity was always one of your strongest traits! Then, whenever we were out, we seemed to always end up in a children's store where we bought at least one bag full of clothes. It was so fun to watch you. You were such a good father and just as good a grandfather!

We welcomed Noah on September 27th. Lauren had a planned C-section, because of the previous C-section with Olivia. This birth was much less traumatic. They had moved to Louisville, so we didn't have to travel and she had a birth plan.


As we were planning and waiting for Noah's arrival, we took the traditional trip to Madeira Beach. We all flew down this time, because the split flight with Lauren and I and the guys meeting up with us when she was pregnant with Olivia was quite stressful. Then, we rented two cars - one for the Browns and one for us - when we arrived. We spent a week at Madeira, then went over to Disney World to take in Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios, and Disney Springs.

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