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On October 20, 2020,
my life was ...

Profoundly Changed!

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That is the day that my amazing husband of 37 years, Bob Rose, went to be with Jesus. This changed my life in so many ways that it feels like I will forever be finding my footing again. One of the early things I heard myself say over and over again is, “You marry someone, because you can’t imagine life without them. Then, when you have to really do life without them, it’s unimaginable.”


This space is my attempt to move forward through life with Bob by helping others. As a Counselor by trade, I have the education, but now I have the true experience of losing my soulmate. Note that I use the term "move forward" rather than "move on", because one cannot move on from love. That love remains with us! We just learn to address it differently with our energies. There is no returning to "normal". Life will be different now just as it was different when he joined my life. The pages within the site as well as the Blog will share healthy ways to grieve that I have learned in my counseling education as well as my experiences as a widow (I hate that word!). We can't truly understand one's experience until we have walked the journey, but let's try to treat people with respect and dignity as we stumble through the pain that is grief.

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